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Specifications for the room:

  • One girl
  • Body peeling
  • Bath procedures
  • Erotic massage
  • Tea ceremony
  • Oriental sweets
  • No intimacy

Our girls

Spa complex for full relaxation

Do not miss the opportunity to pamper your body and soul with a unique spa complex, which will allow you to relax 100%. Skillful hands of our beautiful girls will raise you to the peak of pleasure, where all the current problems and worries will not exist. A resilient body, clear head and relaxation is what you get after visiting our salon and receiving all the necessary actions.

The spa complex consists of several steps, which include bath procedures, skin peeling and erotic massage.  During bath procedures you can steam your body and prepare it for further healthful and cleansing activities. Peeling made by professional, will allow you to get rid of dead epidermal tissue particles and make it as clean as possible. Erotic massage and gentle strokes of our girls will let you achieve such an euphoria, from which you will feel dizzy.

As a dessert, you will be offered to enjoy the exquisite taste of oriental sweets and delicacy of the tea ceremony. It will be a wonderful conclusion of all the procedures that you will remember for a long time.

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