Massage for married couples

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Specifications for the room:

  • 1 hour
  • Two girls or girl+guy
  • Shower together
  • Point massage
  • Erotic massage
  • No intimacy

Our girls

Unique erotic adventure

Your family life has become boring and monotonous? Do you want to whet the extinguished flame of love, or add a little fuel to the fire of your passion? Then you just need a massage for couples, which will certainly bring sharpness and zest to your relationships. It will save your marriage from the household worries which have destroyed the love of many couples, and also will let you learn a lot of interesting things about each other.

Massage for couples will be performed by two masseurs: girl with a guy or two girls. These young people will gladden you with their professionalism and attractive appearance. They will do everything possible to make you fully relax and surrender to the power of your feelings, emotions and desires.

Before the massage, you will be able to take a shower together with your significant other, and that will sensitize you to receiving the satisfaction together. After that, our charming masseurs will perform a poit massage, which allows to get rid of all the inhibitions in the body, as well as an exciting erotic massage. It will lift your excitation to heaven, help to reveal sexuality and feel liberated. After all the procedures a room will be given at your disposal, where you can stay with your loved one alone and enjoy each other in plenty.

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Massage for married couples

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