Feet massage "Sakura Branch"

Room for massage: standartgold
Specifications for the room:

  • One girl
  • Erotic massage
  • Thai feet massage
  • Release from fatigue
  • Release from pain
  • No intimacy

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Effective feet massage "Sakura Branch"

Did you know that by working on certain points located on the feet, you can easily get rid of depression and fatigue, improve your health and heal the body from many diseases? But our masseuses possess this special knowledge and apply it while performing feet massage complex "Sakura Branch". They know where the acupuncture points that are responsible for certain organs are placed on the feet. So they can perform the massage of such organs via corresponding points and improve their condition without problems.

"Sakura Branch" complex consists of several procedures, which in general will be able to eliminate pain in the legs and joints, to fill the body with vital energy and to give the pleasant feeling of the unknown to the whole body. A few minutes after our wonderful girl performs massage, you will feel unusual lightness in the legs. You will leave the room refreshed and ready to perform new tasks.

In addition to the Thai feet massage, this complex also offers erotic massage that will raise your sensuality to the new level. You will experience the satisfaction and will be able to focus on more important matters. In order that not only your head could get freshness, but also the body, we will definitely clean it up by performing a qualitative peeling.

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Feet massage "Sakura Branch"

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