Massage for women

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Specifications for the room:

  • A guy or a girl for 1 hour
  • Tantric massage
  • Highest pleasure
  • Pre-appointment
  • No intimacy

Our girls

Tantric satisfaction

Pre-ordering erotic massage in the SPA "Orchid", a lady can not even guess about what a miracle is waiting for her in this session. And the effect of our tantric massage can only be called a miracle.

Not even touching the weary patient, our attractive masseur completely prepossess her. A spiritual connection is perhaps one of the most important components of a massage for the ladies, the secret of its success. And so begins your path to harmony - internal and external. Magic of skillful touches.

Magic of skillful touches

Any young man as well as a girl, performing a massage for ladies at the spa "Orchid" in St. Petersburg, is skilful and tender. Paying attention to all the female erogenous zones, they lead our beautiful visitors to an inexpressible excitement. And there is nothing better than to let this sexual excitement flourish with all the colors of ecstasy and highest pleasure. We have probably everything, that any lady could dream of - and even more!

Women's heaven on earth

SPA "Orchid" is a sort of oasis, where people come for pleasure. Our guests are men, women and even couples. Performing erotic massage for ladies, we present them a great surprise which they can not even expect for.

Massage for women is performed in our salon by pre-appointment. At the same time we are working 24 hours, which is a very important nuance under current conditions. Come! Wonderful interiors, atmosphere which disposes to the marvelous relaxing, all kinds of massage and spa procedures, pleasant and very professional staff - all this is waiting for you in "Orchid'.

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Massage for women

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